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Aesthetic Ties

Kurbas Productions

Ukraine-based Kurbas Production is a creative production studio specialising in multimedia content using sound and video art for projection mappings. The GPO artwork uses light projection to explore the idea of Connection and the cultural heritage of Ukraine and Ireland can play a role in bringing people together. 

The Kurbas team has realised projection mappings for local events, international festivals and competitions. They collaborate with theatres, art galleries, and musicians to produce video content to revive artworks, as well as for concerts, video clips, and scenography using projection mapping and video art.

In 2022, Kurbas took part in the BellaSkyWay Festival in Torun, Poland, and became a finalist in the Visualia Festival held in Pula, Croatia. They were awarded the TokyoTokyo Prize in the 1 Minute Projection Mapping competition in Tokyo, Japan.

In 2023, they were finalists in the 1 Minute Projection Mapping competition and were awarded the 3rd Prize in the Lunar Festival of Lights held in Sofia, Bulgaria, and were selected to be a part of the Berlin Festival of Lights 2023.

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