The Ship

Ilaria Vescovo

Ilaria Vescovo is a versatile illustrator, strongly skilled in digital techniques, traditional drawing and graphic arts. For ‘Dublin City Council Dublin Winter Lights’ she partnered with Nicola Pavone, a video-artist, Motion-grapher, 3D animator and programmer. The Custom House light projection shows a family of children on a cold winter night huddling together. A magical journey ensues through the power of storytelling as  a village-ship moves from the sea to land.

She’s also a Graphic Designer and Art Director. LinkedIn: ilariavescovo

illustration portfolio: graphic design:


Nicola Pavone (Vj Luper) is a video-artist, Motion- grapher, 3D animator and programmer. His work deals with Architectural Mapping and Interactive Media. Specialties: VideoMapping and Live A/V performances.

Active in the field of Videomapping since 2011: KOUMARIA New Media Art Residency 2011 (Sparta,Greece)
Space Vj Meeting 2012 (Olsztyn, Poland) B-Seite Festival (Mannheim, 2013 & 2014)

Live Performance Meeting 2012 (Rome) Vj Festival (Nuremberg 2014)

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